Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

I Swear It Was Really Cold

It’s only after something stops working that you realize how much you really appreciate its existence. My heater was having problems recently and I needed to get an HVAC repair in New York. Before the repairs happened, I had to go for a short time without working heat, and it was not a good experience. I might be a little bit dramatic when it comes to explaining how much I hate to deal with cold weather, but when I was at home sitting in the cold, it really felt like I was in the Arctic trying to keep from getting frostbite. I swear that I could see the cold air fog from my mouth while I was breathing.

I wore more clothes and even put on some gloves and a scarf to stay warm, but it felt like it wasn’t enough. During this time, I regretted all of those homes that I passed over because they had a fireplace with a chimney. I thought they would be too much of a hassle to deal with and I would dread having to clean them. Little did I know that my heater would go out one day and I would be wishing that I could light a fire in a fireplace to keep myself warm.

Eventually my problems with the heater were solved when I found the right repair company to come to my home and fix it. For some reason, the repair workers weren’t that cold. They said that the air felt like regular air to them. I don’t think the cold air that I was feeling was all in my head. Either way, it didn’t matter, because once they finished the repairs, I was able to turn the heater up as much as I wanted to and I could take off the gloves and scarf.

It Has Been an Interesting Trip

Of course in the movies mistaken identity is usually a device for comedy or for getting the hero involved in a murder mystery. I had no real clue what was going on, but someone with my name has to be really disappointed. At any rate I was in my hotel room finishing up my work for the week, thinking about what I wanted to get for supper. Then two girls knocked on my door. They were gorgeous, in their mid twenties and apparently had been sent by an escort service near Provo UT. They wanted to see a guy with my name and apparently they had already been paid for. I told them that I did not know anything about it, but this did not slow them down even a little. They had been sent to do a job and they intended to do it whether I wanted them to or not. I tried to figure out if I knew someone who could afford something like this or if maybe I had a long lost uncle.

At any rate I soon realized that they were not only there for the one thing, someone had paid for the entire weekend. It seemed obvious to me that it was supposed to be a bribe at that point and I remembered that my supervisor was supposed to be in the hotel room instead of me. He had been taken to a different trip, people were asking him questions about his numbers and thinking that they did not look like they should. In fact it looks a lot like I may have a shot at his job. So I started to think that maybe this was related. At any rate the two girls took me out to a really nice dinner, people stared at me and I liked it to be honest.

My New House Has Smelly Carpeting

I had been looking for the perfect house for nearly six months when I finally found it. It had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a gorgeous mountain view. In fact, there was only one thing that I did not like about my new home, and that was the carpeting. I did like the texture and color, but it was obvious that the family sold me the house had pets for a long time there. I did not want the added expense of buying new carpet, so I did a search for carpet rug cleaning.

I could have done it myself, but I knew that a professional cleaning would be much better. I have a machine that will do surface cleaning, but this was something that would need to be cleaned deep into the fibers. I don’t have anything against animals, as long as they are kept outside. For that reason, I don’t and never will have pets. (more…)

We Are Almost Done Fixing Up the House

It has taken us a couple of years, but this place is just about where we want it to be. The house is about forty years old and it was quite rough to start off. I did some rewiring myself, but I had my uncle come behind me to make sure the house did not burn down. I have a friend who does tree trimming in Asheville NC and I worked out a deal with him. I had come across a canoe that I knew he would like to have, one of the older types that is actually made out of wood. It was really beautiful as it was, but he would never stand for it like that. I am sure that he took it straight home and started to get it ready for refinishing. He sent me a picture of it six weeks later and told me that this rich guy he knew wanted to have it for a decoration in his man cave. At any rate he was so keen to have that canoe that I bargained him into dropping two trees and trimming a bunch of others.

I am going to rent a two man augur and start digging fence post holes this weekend. I would rather put up an old style fence like you keep your horses in, but instead we are going to put up a privacy fence. I already have about twelve sections that I got for free, I simply passed by the place where they were being taken out and asked what they wanted for them. They do not look as good as you might like, but of course the fence is going to border some woods on the back property line and since no one is going to be there to care I will not care either.

I Needed Help with My Website

I thought that I knew how to create my own business website design, but I quickly found out that I had no clue whatsoever. The design looked okay enough, but I knew that it was missing that spark or energy that other websites have. I did not want to copy another site’s design, but I did not know how to come up with something on my own either. I also was not getting any traffic to my site. I knew that I needed to look into getting some ecommerce web design professional help, so I went to my favorite search engine to begin what I thought would be a long process.

With the keywords that I entered, I actually found the website design company that I wanted to use rather quickly. That was the kind of results I had hoped for. I wanted someone to put in the keywords that describe my business and have my online company be at the top of the search engine results. I had no clue on how to make that happen on my own. I read a good bit on this company’s website, and I knew rather quickly that they were the search engine optimization experts that could make it happen.

I showed them what I had already, and they used that for the foundation of my website. I was happy that they did not scrap it altogether, because I really did like what I had. It just needed some pizzazz added to it along with some technical things that I was absolutely clueless on how to even incorporate them. The finished product was finished before I expected it to be, and the finished result was better than I ever could have imagined. Not only did the site look much better, but I quickly started getting traffic to it once it went live.

Our Monitored Alarm System Helps Keep Us Safe

Well, it is no secret that there are some crime issues in the Baltimore area. Overall we still like it here. My wife and I grew up here. However, we have been disappointed with some of the criminal activity. Our little neighborhood is still pretty quiet, but it is not immune to crime. This is why we got ADT in Baltimore for our home. We can’t be there at our house around the clock, so it is nice to have it protected when we are not there. Furthermore, it is nice to have the early warning and have live monitoring agents who will send help day or night if something happens.

Our alarm system is more than just a burglar alarm. We also have the fire and carbon monoxide leak protection. (more…)

Finding a Worthy Spokesperson for Your Brand is Not As Easy As It Looks

We found a model to represent our brand. She had the look, personality and lifestyle to represent us for the long term. We were looking for a face and spokesperson to represent our brand who shared our values and beliefs. This is a hard thing to accomplish. It is easy to find a pretty face to represent your brand, but it is tough to find someone who actually should and could be associated with your brand. We found someone halfway around the world, and we used a company that does video production in Singapore to do some test video.

Our talent agent was tasked with finding a person who actually lived the life our products represent. We needed someone who was young, athletic and who lived a lifestyle of proper nutrition and health. Someone who was also family oriented and had children. Of course, she also had to have the face and smile we were looking for. The agent found an actress/model living in Singapore who fit our requirements to a tee. (more…)

Kindness in the Hearts of Strangers

Times have been tight around my home. We were in danger of losing the house and needed to come up with a lot of money. We thought about all of the items that we could sell, but it wasn’t enough to even cover a fourth of the money we needed. I came up with the idea of starting a crowd funding campaign on my personal blog. I wanted to have the ConaxDigital SEO consultant bring more people to my crowd funding page by getting it a bigger notice in search engine, resulting in more funding.

Initially the page only had a few funds from a few friends and family who were generous enough to donate. As a little time passed, the donations began to increase as people from all over the country began to find out about the crowd funding campaign. (more…)

He Needed to Play Catch Up in Physics

My son was in the top one percent of his class academically. He was on track for scholarships and awards, and he still is, but we hit a major bump in the road a few months ago. He was in an accident, and he missed nearly a month of school because of it. He was able to get caught up in all of his subjects with the exception of physics. Rather than let him repeat the course, which would have him fall behind, I did a search for Singapore physics tuition.

I knew that there had to be a way to get him caught back up with his class. Some of his friends tried to help him, but they were struggling as well with that because of their own heavy workloads. I knew that it would be better if a professional taught him anyway, because I would have more confidence that the information being given is the absolute right stuff. No offense meant against his friends, because they mean well, but I also know that they can take shortcuts trying to get him caught up. (more…)

I Am Staying with My Uncle

My uncle used to be in the army as a K9 officer, or a dog trainer. So he knows all about how to train dogs and it is one of the things that he and my aunt do. They have a greenhouse and a farm and there are a lot of things to do. Right now I am taking care of a litter of puppies, using a science diet puppy large breed feeding chart to figure it out. These are not just any puppies, the dogs that are used for breeding are worth a small fortune and every one of these pups is in theory worth a large amount of money. First you have to figure out how easy it is to teach them the stuff that they need to know, a good one will apparently be easy to educate and you will know if they have it or not pretty quickly. Uncle Louis says you have to be real careful around a mother dog when her puppies are young. (more…)

I Have a New Job

I have been working on a lot of things lately, my new boss is teaching me a lot of things and I am learning how to install home security systems with him. He does all sorts of stuff, if you go here you can see a place that does ADT and see all of the stuff that they offer their customers. We do the same thing, but we are out in the middle of nowhere so the boss has to do a lot of other things as well. He installs satellite systems and he builds home theaters. The one he has is really ridiculous. You watch a movie and it is pretty much the same as being in a theater, except the popcorn is a whole lot cheaper. Of course he keeps beer on tap in his home theater, there is a kegerator. He knows I will not be 21 for almost a full year, but he does not care if I drink a beer when I am there. (more…)

Most Excellent House Cleaning Service

Finding house cleaning in Singapore, a service I could hire to keep my house picked up, proved more daunting than I thought it would be when I first started looking for someone to help keep the house looking good. The first problem is that there are a lot of cleaning services, and that’s always a problem because you don’t know who does a good job and who does poor work. It took a long time to shift through the various services in order to find a good company who does excellent work. Persistence definitely paid off, however.

I insist on top work from any company I decided to hire for any given job, so when I employed the services of this cleaning I company I made sure to check carefully exactly what they promised to do as part of the cleaning arrangement. Since I wouldn’t be at home for most of the times they would be here to clean, I wanted to make sure they would hold up their end of the bargain. I didn’t want to come home expecting a clean house only to see that they did a mediocre job. So I set up a few traps to test them.

I left some things in various places to see if they would notice them and take care of the problem. It wasn’t anything disgusting or major, just stuff that if it wasn’t touched would alert me to the fact that they weren’t doing the job correctly. They showed up and I excused myself and left my home. When I returned, I was delighted to see that they passed the tests I left them with flying colors. And my home looked cleaner than it ever has since I’ve lived here. I obviously made the right choice hiring this cleaning service company.

I Couldn’t Have Made an Album Without Them

Thank the gods of music for r & b beats for sale. When I decided to write an album, but didn’t have access to a flashy studio with musicians and expensive instruments, these guys came through for me in a pinch. It certainly helped that I have a talent for lyrics. I’ve been performing in my area for years with various artists, and I’ve written a lot of songs for many people throughout the region. I’ve seen some of those guys turn my words into really impressive tracks. A few of them moved on to a career in the business.

I wanted something more than selling my songs to others though. (more…)

This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Kind of Wallpaper

We needed to redo our huge entryway at our offices. I figured that the walls could use some neat graphics that showed outdoor scenes with our products in use by consumers. I checked to see if there were wallpaper installers in Sydney that could install the new style of printed wallpaper graphics. You can pretty much decorate small or large walls with any sort if imagery that you want. It made our entryway more like a billboard for our products. However, the graphics on the wallpaper were so well done that it gave you that outdoor feeling, especially with some of our gear on display close to the walls. We had a cordoned off area that was made of faux stone with plants and small trees in front of the large walls we got covered in the wallpaper. (more…)

Fabulous Storage Units for My Furniture

Storage units in London Ontario come in all shapes and sizes, but they aren’t all equal. I had to go away for a six month training course for my job, but didn’t want to keep paying rent for my apartment while I was gone. That left me in quite the pickle because that meant I didn’t have anywhere to put my furniture and other belongings. I wasn’t about to sell them, obviously, as I would need them when I came back. That’s where the idea of finding a storage facility came in. I looked online to find just the right place.

I have some fairly valuable items that I didn’t want sitting on a dirty concrete floor in some cold storage locker, so I was delighted when I found a place that not only offered a lot of security features (they have cameras and not just anyone can gain access to the storage facilities), but also a climate controlled environment that would guarantee my belongings wouldn’t be exposed to extreme weather. I went down to take a look and they really seem like a professional place dedicated to making sure your stuff is safe and secure.

I decided to do business with them and moved all my stuff down there with the help of a friend who owns a truck. We moved everything in, made sure the stuff was covered up with cloth, and locked everything up tight as a drum. And off I went to do my career training. I never worried about my belongings and felt confident that they would be still there waiting for me when I returned from my training period. Really the only problem I’ll likely have is finding a place to stay while I rent another apartment and line up transportation to get my stuff into my new place.

I’m Surprised It Worked for Me

Trying to get personal loans with no job verification is pretty much impossible today. Before 2008 it was easy. It seemed like I had lenders literally dropping out of trees to offer me loans for almost any situation possible. I got offers in the mailbox every day for years. Then the financial crisis hit and the days of fast and easy credit dried up overnight. Of course, it was the glut of easy credit that caused most of the problems because you had so much money going to deadbeats and frauds who never intended to pay any of it back.

Now that I need an easy personal loan, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get one. I tried the bank and they practically laughed me out of the building. The problem is that I’ve got some financial issues that most traditional lenders find problematic. Most of them are taken care of, of course, but they are still there on the record and of course the banks go through all of that information with a fine tooth comb. They couldn’t turn me down fast enough. (more…)

Outfitting a Commercial Kitchen for Prep and Packaging of Beef Jerky

I started a beef jerky business unintentionally. I messed around in the kitchen making messes that would make my wife a bit upset as I would always miss cleaning up something. I was focused on making the best beef jerky. I came up with a barbecue variety that was so savory the largest bathes I could make with the dehydrators was eaten up in less than a day. Now, a few months later, I have a commercial kitchen with electronic filling machines filling preprinted tube bags with my first beef jerky product to go to market.

I was selling it in zippered bags weighing it on a postal scale and adding a bit more to never sell it short. I sold enough to finance the leasing of a space to make it, and the commercial kitchen and packaging equipment was purchased for cash. (more…)

Going Online Against the Competition

When it comes to playing poker, I consider myself to be one of the best. I’ve beaten my friends many times over and they can never tell what cards I’m holding. They told me that I should try a bigger challenge since I’m so good. They showed me Cara Daftar Poker Online and I set up an account to play against some of the top players from around the world. They even told me that some of the professionals get on from time to time under secret aliases to play against other people, which really got me excited.

Just sitting at the table with a professional poker player is an amazing experience, but it comes with a caveat. Being next to someone of that caliber could cause a person to be thrown off their game, especially if they’re not used to seeing professional players often in person. (more…)

I Wanted to Look Good Again

When I was much younger, I used to have the perfect shape. I would wear a bikini to the beach or to a friend’s pool and usually get a lot of comments. None of them went to my head though. I knew that I was just blessed with a nice body. I also knew that as I got older, I was losing that nice figure along the way. Having three kids will do that to a woman! I was looking for a way to get back in shape when I came across a My Bikini Belly review online.

I would have thought that a name like that would be for the younger generation of twenty somethings. Instead, it is marketed to women like me. We are older and most of us have already gone through menopause. (more…)

Started to Work on the Bathroom

We bought the house fully aware that it was going to need some work and my plan was to find a person I could trust to help me renovate the bathroom first. At any rate the other day the shower nozzle went bad on us and I decided that we may as well get started on it. I had already found this guy who has good references and I know one of the people that he has done work for, so I am pretty confident that he is going to be able to do what he says that he is going to do. The plan is not very ambitious to be honest, we just want to have a modern bathroom which is going to be functional. At the moment the bath is straight out of a bygone era. The house is very small and quite old. (more…)

It Makes Good Business Sense to Switch Insurance Companies

I imagine when most people think of farms, they picture something in the Midwest or even Texas. It just makes sense that there are farms all over the country, and mine is right here in Florida. We started out as a fruit farm, but we have expanded a bit into other areas as well. It is our livelihood, and the entire family is involved in one way or another. I take care of the business end of things, which is why I was looking at different companies that provide farm insurance in Florida.

We had been with the same insurance company for years, but they continued to raise their prices. (more…)