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Can You Really Lighten Your Penis?

Using bleach penis creams brings up some funny thoughts about how guys always enjoy talking about their private parts. Ask any woman and they will tell you that their boyfriends or husbands love to talk about their private parts. I’m betting that holds true for the most part unless you start talking about bleaching a penis. Then I’m betting most guys will have nothing to say. That is definitely the case for me. I suffer from extreme hyperpigmentation and you won’t hear me talking about it to other people on my best days. It is not exactly a conversation starter.

My condition is so bad that I actually pondered undergoing some sort of cosmetic procedure to get rid of it, or to at least greatly reduce it. A few surgeons I talked to said there likely wasn’t much they could do that would result in a painful recuperation and even then it might not work. At my wit’s end, I decided to look into these bleaching creams I kept hearing about in certain forums I frequented. People talked about applying creams that contained compounds that could significantly lighten dark areas. I figured I would give it a shot and see what happened.

I bought my cream online after finding a site that talked about several different brands and presented the pros and cons. Seeing the information at this site helped me to choose the best product that had the best reviews. It arrived a few days later and I followed the instructions and started putting it on the area in question. It didn’t hurt, thank goodness, and aside from a bit of a smell it seemed fine. I used the cream for three months and I have to say I’m very impressed. My penis is much lighter than it has ever been!