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Fabulous Storage Units for My Furniture

Storage units in London Ontario come in all shapes and sizes, but they aren’t all equal. I had to go away for a six month training course for my job, but didn’t want to keep paying rent for my apartment while I was gone. That left me in quite the pickle because that meant I didn’t have anywhere to put my furniture and other belongings. I wasn’t about to sell them, obviously, as I would need them when I came back. That’s where the idea of finding a storage facility came in. I looked online to find just the right place.

I have some fairly valuable items that I didn’t want sitting on a dirty concrete floor in some cold storage locker, so I was delighted when I found a place that not only offered a lot of security features (they have cameras and not just anyone can gain access to the storage facilities), but also a climate controlled environment that would guarantee my belongings wouldn’t be exposed to extreme weather. I went down to take a look and they really seem like a professional place dedicated to making sure your stuff is safe and secure.

I decided to do business with them and moved all my stuff down there with the help of a friend who owns a truck. We moved everything in, made sure the stuff was covered up with cloth, and locked everything up tight as a drum. And off I went to do my career training. I never worried about my belongings and felt confident that they would be still there waiting for me when I returned from my training period. Really the only problem I’ll likely have is finding a place to stay while I rent another apartment and line up transportation to get my stuff into my new place.