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He Needed to Play Catch Up in Physics

My son was in the top one percent of his class academically. He was on track for scholarships and awards, and he still is, but we hit a major bump in the road a few months ago. He was in an accident, and he missed nearly a month of school because of it. He was able to get caught up in all of his subjects with the exception of physics. Rather than let him repeat the course, which would have him fall behind, I did a search for Singapore physics tuition.

I knew that there had to be a way to get him caught back up with his class. Some of his friends tried to help him, but they were struggling as well with that because of their own heavy workloads. I knew that it would be better if a professional taught him anyway, because I would have more confidence that the information being given is the absolute right stuff. No offense meant against his friends, because they mean well, but I also know that they can take shortcuts trying to get him caught up. He doesn’t need any shortcuts, because he can miss out on some important things that way.

What he needed was just a fast track to learning the right things, and Mr. Tony Chee was able to help out with that. He has a tutoring service where he actually teaches groups rather than individuals. I thought this would be helpful for my son too so he could still be with his peers and have that kind of interaction as well. He excelled in that kind of learning environment, and it did not take him long to get caught back up with his class. I was so thankful that he did not have to lose the time he had invested in the physics class by repeating it. He was so happy with his teacher that he stayed in that class too just so he could learn more!