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Home Care Has Worked out for All of Us

When my mom fell in a local grocery store, she ended up needing surgery on her knee. She had some other bumps and bruises, but her knee was what gave her the majority of her pain. When she was released from the hospital, she stayed with me for a few weeks. I had already researched home health care in Florida to see if someone would be able to come in and help her when I was at work. She would not be able to start her physical therapy for a couple of weeks after her release, but she still needed help in other areas.

She was not able to walk very well, and I was scared that she would try and end up falling. I was able to take some time off work, but those days went by quickly. That is why I wanted to find a home care company that would be able to send someone in to help with my mom’s care. She needed help with her bathing, and I also wanted to make sure she was taking her medication on time. The agency sent over a qualified person who was able to help my mom with her shower, and treated her with respect in the process.

She also made sure that my mom took her pills on time, and the two of them would talk and get to know each other since they saw each other every day. She ended up helping my mom with a few other things too, because my mom felt she was putting a lot on me. She starts her physical therapy tomorrow, and another person from the same company will be coming to help her since it is easier for her to do that at my house rather than trying to take her out to the therapy location. This has really worked out well for all of us.