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I Always Protect Myself from Danger

I am a woman, and I fly a lot because of business. I have no idea how it is for men who fly into strange cities a lot, but it is not fun for a woman. I go straight from the airport to the hotel I am staying at, but I still never feel completely safe. One of the things that has helped to improve this area of my life is the tactical pen TSA that I purchased not long ago. It looks like a regular pen, and it acts like a regular pen, but it is so much more than that.

I always make sure I carry it with me, and it is never checked in with my luggage or even in one of my carry on bags. I want this right with me at all times, so I have it in one of my shirt pockets or jacket pockets when I am traveling. Because it is a pen, I have no problems going through security with it. There is nothing hidden in it like a blade or bullets, so it even passes through the X-ray scanners that a lot of buildings have.

If I feel like I am not safe, I will hold it in my hand. The way it works is if someone would come up to me to cause me harm, I just jab it into their neck. Hitting the right spot is enough for them to go down, and it provides me the time I need to get away. I am so thankful that I have never had to use this before, because that would be scary in itself. It does make me feel much better though when I am traveling, especially if it is late at night. I am always careful, and this just helps me to feel better able to take care of myself.