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I Can’t Wait to Go Hunting

My latest set of gun accessories arrived in the mail a few days ago. I ordered some parts for my scope and stock to make the gun more comfortable and to make shooting easier. I’m going to go hunting when the weekend comes, but for now, all I can do is just think about it. Whenever I get the itch to go hunting, it completely takes over my mind and I have to scratch that itch any way I can. Sometimes I’ll go down to the gun range to do some target practice. If I can’t do that, I’ll stay at home and play a hunting video game.

The video game has a plastic hunting rifle that aims at a sensor on the television. When virtual animals come across the screen, you pull the trigger on the plastic rifle, just like you would when you use a real rifle. Somehow, I’m worse at hunting in the video game than I am at real life. I shouldn’t be surprised by something like this. I have a video game where you play a plastic guitar, and I’m worse at that than when I play a real guitar. I guess real world skill just don’t transfer well to games.

When I feel like doing a little relaxing, I turn to the outdoors channel and watch some shows. They usually have some show about hunting, fishing, or guns and knives on. My favorite shows are the ones that give out hunting tips. Anyone who wants to do better at hunting can get a good lesson from the shows, and even beginners can go from being a novice to an expert. The shows also have reviews of certain hunting related products, so you can spend your money on the products that actually work and avoid the ones that are duds.