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I Couldn’t Have Made an Album Without Them

Thank the gods of music for r & b beats for sale. When I decided to write an album, but didn’t have access to a flashy studio with musicians and expensive instruments, these guys came through for me in a pinch. It certainly helped that I have a talent for lyrics. I’ve been performing in my area for years with various artists, and I’ve written a lot of songs for many people throughout the region. I’ve seen some of those guys turn my words into really impressive tracks. A few of them moved on to a career in the business.

I wanted something more than selling my songs to others though. It’s satisfying to write something for a talent and see them put their own spin on it, but I wanted to take center stage. I wrote my first song for myself, after all. Like I said, I’ve performed my own songs with others, but I felt it was time to get myself out there in a big way. These guys create music for performers who maybe don’t have the money or access to the big leagues out in California. I was able to put enough funds together to purchase music for my songs from them.

I have to say the results are more impressive than I thought possible. They made my lyrics come alive with really smooth rhythms that make the words pop in a big way. I performed a few of my songs with this music in a small club in the city and the crowd went absolutely nuts. The reaction was off the charts. People were asking why I’m wasting my time out here in the sticks and not moving to Los Angeles to make it big. That’s how impressive my lyrics sound with their music. I’m thinking of nothing but success from here on out.