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I Have a Chance at My Own Happiness Now

Growing up, I did not have the best home life. My parents were abusive toward my older brothers and myself, and it really took a toll on all three of us. We made a pact when we were younger to stand strong though, and we have always been there for each other. It seemed I was at a different place than them though. All three of us are successful in business, but I realized that I needed to find a life coach in Singapore if I wanted to be successful in my personal life.

I tried to do it on my own, and my brothers have tried to help me too. There were issues that I just could not resolve, and it was stopping me from finding the same happily ever afters that my two older brothers had found in their own lives. My oldest brother told me that I should look into a retreat that he had heard about and then do the coaching sessions afterwards. He gave me the website information, and it looked really good to me. Since going to the retreat was mandatory prior to the coaching sessions, I went ahead and booked that first.

It was very peaceful, and I learned a lot. It was not until I had the four coaching sessions after though that I started to really understand what was holding me back. I thought I had all the answers, but I found out that I was not even asking myself the right questions. Just from the first one hour session, I learned so much more about myself. I did end up involving my brothers in this since it involved them a lot too, and they were able to help me along with my life coach get past guilt feelings that were not even mine to own. I finally have a shot at my own happily ever after now, and that makes me so excited!