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I Love Buying What I Want Because It’s Cute

I’ve always been a unique person. I don’t like doing everyone what everyone else is doing. And I have noticed so many times that people like to follow everyone else when it comes to whatever flavor of the moment is going on. As for myself, I like to buy things that stand out. For instance, I bought some kitty cat paw socks that have been a big hit with many friends. People have told me that they would have never thought by them for them selvesl, but now that they’ve seen them on me, they love them and want a pair, too. I guess you could say that I sometimes set trends myself, and other people follow my lead.

When I was in school, I did not have anything in common with the girls with high-pitched voices, long bleached hair and tight clothing. I like to hang out with the kids from the drama class. Everyone was so unique and highly intelligent. I enjoyed spending every lunch at school each day talking about philosophy, religion, politics, etc. So much more intelligent than the girls who stood around flipping their hair and talking about nothing but boys and cheerleading.

I always wondered if I would change when I became an adult. But I have not changed at all. I’m just a more grown-up version of the person that I was in high school. I am just as quirky now. I’m just as smart. I love to have dinner parties now, and I find it highly enjoyable to invite over friends who are intelligent, have a lot to say and know how to talk like the conversation matters. I have noticed that many of them also where cute, quirky clothing like I do. I’m starting to think that there is something to being quirkly and equating that with how smart a person is.