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I Was Tired of My Hair

I was tired of my hair. I know a lot of women probably say that at some point, but I was growing extremely frustrated with mine. I could not do a lot of different styles with it because my hair is so thin. I wanted to have some volume, but I did not want to get a wig. I know I will do that one day, but I am still too young right now. I went online to look at my options, and that is when I discovered 4c hair extensions on one website devoted to hair accessories for women like me.

I was really happy when I saw the pieces, because they are exactly what I needed to get the volume I wanted. I got even more excited when I read that they are made with natural hair. There is nothing synthetic about them, which is actually a big deal. The thing about using weaves made with real hair is that they actually look real, and not like a wig. Another thing that I really liked about these weaves and extensions is that they are able to be dyed.

That means that I can have them dyed to match my natural color if they don’t mix exactly with my own hair. I have seen some women wear weaves that are definitely the wrong color, so I was happy to see that these ones would not pose a similar issue. I was able to get them in a size that I needed, and I watched several videos to see the transformation of several women who have also purchased these 4c hair extensions. When I received them, I was not disappointed at all. I am so happy that I went this route, and I am finally happy with my hair when I fix it up and go out!