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I’m Surprised It Worked for Me

Trying to get personal loans with no job verification is pretty much impossible today. Before 2008 it was easy. It seemed like I had lenders literally dropping out of trees to offer me loans for almost any situation possible. I got offers in the mailbox every day for years. Then the financial crisis hit and the days of fast and easy credit dried up overnight. Of course, it was the glut of easy credit that caused most of the problems because you had so much money going to deadbeats and frauds who never intended to pay any of it back.

Now that I need an easy personal loan, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get one. I tried the bank and they practically laughed me out of the building. The problem is that I’ve got some financial issues that most traditional lenders find problematic. Most of them are taken care of, of course, but they are still there on the record and of course the banks go through all of that information with a fine tooth comb. They couldn’t turn me down fast enough. That left me out in the dark unless I wanted to try a loan shark or a pay day loan business.

Since I didn’t want my legs broken or my home foreclosed upon, I decided to look for nontraditional lenders online. Surely, I thought, there must be someone willing to toss some cash my way. I expected to pay the super high interest too. Imagine my surprise when I found a place that didn’t care about my previous issues. Moreover, they also got me an amazingly low interest rate to boot. That really surprised me because I expected to see something north of twenty percent. It was well under ten percent. Now I can move forward with my plans while flush with operating cash!