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Immersed in the 3D World

I started taking a course that involved design work. We started working with Civil 3D, and I was already confused. The most 3D work I had done was playing around on one free program that was made by a search engine company, and I didn’t even make anything good in that. I wasn’t the only one having trouble with the program. Unless we all wanted to fail the course, we would have to start using Civil 3D tutorials to help us get a better understanding of the program. It’s a good thing that other people have used it before.

There were more tutorials online for Civil 3D than we could count, which gave us another problem. We weren’t exactly sure where to begin with the tutorials. Since there were many written by different people, everyone had their own vision of what they thought was the best guide to have. There were some similarities in the tutorials, but each one had a particularly different approach to helping readers understand the program. I just started looking at the tutorial that had the highest amount of views and went from there. In an hour of looking at the tutorial, I learned enough to familiarize myself with the program.

The tutorials helped out a great deal. I learned how to use the program so well that it was like second nature to me. Other people in the class asked me for help when they got stuck on something. I could create 3D models in a short amount of time. I bet I could probably put that skill to use and make some models for video games in my spare time. There are probably a lot of companies that are looking for people who can do that kind of work. They probably pay well for it too.