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Info on Geting into the Marijuana Industry

I have always been interested in commercial marijuana, dating back to years before it was actually legalized anywhere. With the spread of medical marijuana, and now, even recreational marijuana, I think it is only a matter of time until it is legalized at the federal level, which would be a great day for our nation. I want to learn about starting marijuana business in California and all of the information that one would need to know to start up such a business.

I am sure that there is a lot of regulatory information that is necessary to know in order to be successful in this business, and to not trip over any of the laws in place along the way. I would hate to get a business started, and then have it shut down due to a misunderstanding, or ignorance, in the relevant laws. I know that there are definitely a lot of different aspects of the regulations that have to be looked into, before proceeding with this. But it is something that I have my heart set on, and so I am going to start to do all that I can to learn about it, as I would like to start a business that sells cannabis within the next year.

I am not sure if I can be a distributer and a grower of the plant. I am interested in doing both, but there might be some laws restricting that. I have always been very interested in gardening, and selectively breeding different plants based on their characteristics. It is something that has fascinated me ever since I learned about Gregor Mendel back in my high school biology class. I think that I would have a lot of fun experimenting with different hybrids, if I were able to do both ends of the business.