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It Makes Good Business Sense to Switch Insurance Companies

I imagine when most people think of farms, they picture something in the Midwest or even Texas. It just makes sense that there are farms all over the country, and mine is right here in Florida. We started out as a fruit farm, but we have expanded a bit into other areas as well. It is our livelihood, and the entire family is involved in one way or another. I take care of the business end of things, which is why I was looking at different companies that provide farm insurance in Florida.

We had been with the same insurance company for years, but they continued to raise their prices. When we got a third rate increase in five years, I knew that it was time to shop around. I knew that companies had to raise their prices from time to time in order to stay in business, but I also knew that small companies had to shop around for the best prices so they could stay relevant as well. So, that is what I did. I just wanted to find out if there were better options for us, and I was able to find one rather quickly.

Having farm insurance is so important in our business. Machinery that can cost tens of thousands of dollars is hard to replace when accidents happen. Even worse, if someone using one of those machines gets hurt, they are likely going to need medical attention. There are a lot of outbuildings that need to be protected as well. Fire is rare but it can happen, and it is best to just be prepared no matter what life throws at you. I was happy with the price that I was quoted, which came in lower than what we had been paying for our farm insurance. It just made good business sense to switch!