Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

Kindness in the Hearts of Strangers

Times have been tight around my home. We were in danger of losing the house and needed to come up with a lot of money. We thought about all of the items that we could sell, but it wasn’t enough to even cover a fourth of the money we needed. I came up with the idea of starting a crowd funding campaign on my personal blog. I wanted to have the ConaxDigital SEO consultant bring more people to my crowd funding page by getting it a bigger notice in search engine, resulting in more funding.

Initially the page only had a few funds from a few friends and family who were generous enough to donate. As a little time passed, the donations began to increase as people from all over the country began to find out about the crowd funding campaign. This changed to all over the world, and we were able to meet our goal in two weeks. Even though the goal was met, people still kept on donating, and we had to start turning away donations. Our house was saved and we could get on with our lives. The kindness of all of the people who donated was so heart warming to me.

I had to do something to thank all of the people who contributed. I couldn’t send them all a gift, but I could at least send them a personal thank you message. There were some who donated but lived in countries where English wasn’t the language spoken by the majority. I type their messages in English and wrote the words “thank you” in their native language. It took a few days to type out that many messages, but I was glad to do it, because they used their time and money to help my family.