Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

Large Scale Protests During the Iraq War

The United States Map With State NamesMarch 19, 2003 marked the beginning of the Iraq War and things haven’t been the same in America, or around the world, since. Countless lives have been lost, and a staggering amount of resources have been consumed as a result of the war. Each year protests have taken place to commemorate the anniversary of the war, and thousands of people have come together to remember fallen soldiers, and those killed or injured in the war.

The protests are often organized to occur at the same time throughout the world. People have come together on a mass scale to make their feelings known about the war. In 2003, approximately 36 million people took part in at least one protest.

The Iraq War was officially declared over on December 15, 2011, yet in Iraq tens of thousands of Iraqis protested on the ninth anniversary of the war this past March. They marched against such things as lack of resources, and an infrastructure that has yet to be restored. Over 100,000 Iraqis, and over 4,000 American soldiers were killed during the war, and it has cost America trillions of dollars to finance.

Probably the most spectacular protest was the one that occurred on the one year anniversary of the Iraq war. During these protests, anti-war activists, citizens, and veterans came together to demand an end to the war. Protests were held around the world, including Bagdad, Europe and America. One of the largest marches in American history took place at the 2004 Republican National Convention, where approximately half a million people marched past Madison Square Garden in New York. Political leaders and celebrities spoke at a peaceful six hour rally on 7th Avenue. One group of activists carried a flag draped coffin for each soldier who was killed in the war. The protestors included religious leaders, and family members of fallen soldiers.