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More People Should Know About the Land

For a college class, our professor made the students pick a topic that humanity would benefit greatly from if they knew more about it. I thought about some things that weren’t well known or acknowledged by people, and came up with land pollution. People think about the bad effects of pollution, but they don’t really think about it that much when it comes to the land specifically. There are so many things that humans do that cause pollution to the land, yet they don’t really think twice about it. It’s something that can really become quite a problem if left unchecked.

During my research on land pollution, I looked at the problematic instances of it in different countries. I didn’t realize that mining for metals in the Earth can even cause pollution to happen. We use metal in just about everything, and there’s a good chance that most of this metal isn’t being recycled. I’m even guilty of not recycling, as I’ve thrown away many a can into the regular garbage bag. Things like construction, use of chemical fertilizers, and toxic waste storage are obvious forms of pollution, and while they are regulated, they can still present a hazard.

I gave a presentation based on my topic to the class and got a lot of questions from people who wanted to know more. I think I’ve convinced people to take more notice of pollution when it happens to the land, and to make choices that will prevent it. I’ve started to do the same. I recycle whenever I can, avoid using products that contribute to land pollution, and even write to my local government officials to prevent pollution from happening where I live. I may be only one person, but if other people do the same, then we can make a big difference.