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Our Monitored Alarm System Helps Keep Us Safe

Well, it is no secret that there are some crime issues in the Baltimore area. Overall we still like it here. My wife and I grew up here. However, we have been disappointed with some of the criminal activity. Our little neighborhood is still pretty quiet, but it is not immune to crime. This is why we got ADT in Baltimore for our home. We can’t be there at our house around the clock, so it is nice to have it protected when we are not there. Furthermore, it is nice to have the early warning and have live monitoring agents who will send help day or night if something happens.

Our alarm system is more than just a burglar alarm. We also have the fire and carbon monoxide leak protection. The system will call the monitoring center and a live agent will send the appropriate help if something happens and we are incapacitated. They think of everything with these systems. We even have a special code to enter that will silence the alarm but still send help if an intruder threatens us. I have accidentally set the alarm off and an agent has called right away to check on us. I’m glad to know that they are on the ball.

We have every door and window connected to wireless entry detectors. There was no need to run any wires. The system is wireless and works perfectly even at our home that has a lot of square feet. We have motion detectors in the basement and in a couple of other areas too. There is really no way to get in here without the system knowing you are here. I would buy the system all over again. We are very happy with it. I have not had a bit of trouble with anything.