Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

Spreading the Word on a Good Idea

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I Can’t Wait to Go Hunting

My latest set of gun accessories arrived in the mail a few days ago. I ordered some parts for my scope and stock to make the gun more comfortable and to make shooting easier. I’m going to go hunting when the weekend comes, but for now, all I can do is just think about it. Whenever I get the itch to go hunting, it completely takes over my mind and I have to scratch that itch any way I can. Sometimes I’ll go down to the gun range to do some target practice. If I can’t do that, I’ll stay at home and play a hunting video game.

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Paying Less for Shpping Weight

Whenever I go to the post office to mail a package, I always pay more than I intend to pay for shipping costs because of the weight of the package. I’ve tried using a home bathroom scale to get an idea of how much the package will weigh, but it doesn’t give me an accurate enough result, so I looked for a better solution. I found that NCI shipping scales are a better option for getting a number that will match the scale that they have at the post office. I have my own packing peanuts and bubble wrap at home, so I don’t need to rely on the post office for those.

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My New House Has Smelly Carpeting

I had been looking for the perfect house for nearly six months when I finally found it. It had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a gorgeous mountain view. In fact, there was only one thing that I did not like about my new home, and that was the carpeting. I did like the texture and color, but it was obvious that the family sold me the house had pets for a long time there. I did not want the added expense of buying new carpet, so I did a search for carpet rug cleaning.

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Working Part Time for My Aunt

I have just started my new part time job about a week and a half ago. My aunt knew I needed a job and she started to train me to work the reception desk at the huge hair salons that she owns. This is a really large place. The hair stylists number around forty or fifty in total, although there are usually only around three fifths that many in the place at one time. I answer the phones and sign in the clients. We sell stuff like the usual hair products and afro kinky human hair extension. Actually we sell all sorts of hair extensions and several types of wigs. That seems to be an experiment by my aunt. (more…)

With Our Home-Based Business, Reliant Energy is Saving Us Money

When we first built here we did not worry about who our electricity provider was. It was just my wife and I in our house. We were both kind of cold-natured, so we did not blast the AC in the summer. Then the first kid came along. Then the second. Then the room additions. Then the building where we run our home-based business. Now we are using a lot of electricity, so it just makes sense for us to be switching to Reliant Energy for the lower per kilowatt hour rate.

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Saving Money with Google’s Nest

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I Was Tired of My Hair

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Large Scale Protests During the Iraq War

The United States Map With State NamesMarch 19, 2003 marked the beginning of the Iraq War and things haven’t been the same in America, or around the world, since. Countless lives have been lost, and a staggering amount of resources have been consumed as a result of the war. Each year protests have taken place to commemorate the anniversary of the war, and thousands of people have come together to remember fallen soldiers, and those killed or injured in the war.

The protests are often organized to occur at the same time throughout the world. People have come together on a mass scale to make their feelings known about the war. In 2003, approximately 36 million people took part in at least one protest.

The Iraq War was officially declared over on December 15, 2011, yet in Iraq tens of thousands of Iraqis protested on the ninth anniversary of the war this past March. (more…)

Why Continue to Protest the Iraq War?

Every year on March 19, Washington D.C. turns into a place of protest as those in opposition of the Iraq War join hands, raise signs and speak words echoing their views on the war and desire to see all United States troops brought home. In past years, hundreds have been arrested during these protests and many more have waged similar protests in various locations across the country. The message of these protesters is simple, they feel we should not continue to play a part in this war and they want the fighting to be brought to an end. The Iraq War has always been controversial. While some believe the war is based on the United State’s stand against terrorism, others believe it is only motivated by the oil present in that country, and we would not be there if not for the financial stronghold that oil has on our world. Protestors will site the fact that we are spending billions of dollars on a war while the economy at home is suffering. (more…)