Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

Home Care Has Worked out for All of Us

When my mom fell in a local grocery store, she ended up needing surgery on her knee. She had some other bumps and bruises, but her knee was what gave her the majority of her pain. When she was released from the hospital, she stayed with me for a few weeks. I had already researched home health care in Florida to see if someone would be able to come in and help her when I was at work. She would not be able to start her physical therapy for a couple of weeks after her release, but she still needed help in other areas.

She was not able to walk very well, and I was scared that she would try and end up falling. I was able to take some time off work, but those days went by quickly. That is why I wanted to find a home care company that would be able to send someone in to help with my mom’s care. She needed help with her bathing, and I also wanted to make sure she was taking her medication on time. (more…)

Started Working on a Big Project

Of course this is a big thing when you have a real job in an office, but in this case we are merely practicing. The class is going to be pretending that we have some big important meeting and so we all have to figure out how to use Powerpoint Pro to make a presentation. The class is going to be divided into groups, apparently the professor used some random means to choose them and I sort of got wildly fortunate in this regard. There are three people in each group and somehow I ended up with a girl is just knock out gorgeous and another girl who is both really smart and very nice to look out. (more…)

I Have a Chance at My Own Happiness Now

Growing up, I did not have the best home life. My parents were abusive toward my older brothers and myself, and it really took a toll on all three of us. We made a pact when we were younger to stand strong though, and we have always been there for each other. It seemed I was at a different place than them though. All three of us are successful in business, but I realized that I needed to find a life coach in Singapore if I wanted to be successful in my personal life.

I tried to do it on my own, and my brothers have tried to help me too. There were issues that I just could not resolve, and it was stopping me from finding the same happily ever afters that my two older brothers had found in their own lives. (more…)

We Got an Adorable Puppy

We really like our new puppy, although he is certainly not bred for a dog show. We got him randomly from a person who was giving them away in the parking lot of a Wal Mart. It was lucky that we just happened to be there, he was setting up when we walked by and he had given away half of them in the time we were there. We had to find out can dogs eat bread within a few days. It was not that we meant to do it, but the cute little thing got in a whole loaf of bread and ate a good bit of it. How he got it is a mystery to me, but that is sort of scary when you have not thought about. It was a relief to know that it is not toxic to a dog, since we both knew that there is a lot of stuff that people can eat, but which dogs can not. (more…)

Immersed in the 3D World

I started taking a course that involved design work. We started working with Civil 3D, and I was already confused. The most 3D work I had done was playing around on one free program that was made by a search engine company, and I didn’t even make anything good in that. I wasn’t the only one having trouble with the program. Unless we all wanted to fail the course, we would have to start using Civil 3D tutorials to help us get a better understanding of the program. It’s a good thing that other people have used it before.

There were more tutorials online for Civil 3D than we could count, which gave us another problem. We weren’t exactly sure where to begin with the tutorials. (more…)

The Perfect Home for Me

I knew what I wanted without knowing what I wanted. If you think that is confusing, you’re not the only one. I was confusing myself with exactly what I wanted when I started looking at Colorado luxury homes for sale not long ago. I discovered quite quickly that I needed help because I was driving myself crazy in trying to find something that was eluding me. I hired a realtor that came highly recommended, and she was able to get to the heart of the matter pretty fast.

She asked me quite a few questions, and I just answered them honestly and quickly. From those questions, she was able to figure out what kind of home I wanted and definitely what kind I did not want. (more…)

More People Should Know About the Land

For a college class, our professor made the students pick a topic that humanity would benefit greatly from if they knew more about it. I thought about some things that weren’t well known or acknowledged by people, and came up with land pollution. People think about the bad effects of pollution, but they don’t really think about it that much when it comes to the land specifically. There are so many things that humans do that cause pollution to the land, yet they don’t really think twice about it. It’s something that can really become quite a problem if left unchecked.

During my research on land pollution, I looked at the problematic instances of it in different countries. I didn’t realize that mining for metals in the Earth can even cause pollution to happen. We use metal in just about everything, and there’s a good chance that most of this metal isn’t being recycled. (more…)

I Love Buying What I Want Because It’s Cute

I’ve always been a unique person. I don’t like doing everyone what everyone else is doing. And I have noticed so many times that people like to follow everyone else when it comes to whatever flavor of the moment is going on. As for myself, I like to buy things that stand out. For instance, I bought some kitty cat paw socks that have been a big hit with many friends. People have told me that they would have never thought by them for them selvesl, but now that they’ve seen them on me, they love them and want a pair, too. I guess you could say that I sometimes set trends myself, and other people follow my lead.

When I was in school, I did not have anything in common with the girls with high-pitched voices, long bleached hair and tight clothing. I like to hang out with the kids from the drama class. Everyone was so unique and highly intelligent. (more…)

Can You Really Lighten Your Penis?

Using bleach penis creams brings up some funny thoughts about how guys always enjoy talking about their private parts. Ask any woman and they will tell you that their boyfriends or husbands love to talk about their private parts. I’m betting that holds true for the most part unless you start talking about bleaching a penis. Then I’m betting most guys will have nothing to say. That is definitely the case for me. I suffer from extreme hyperpigmentation and you won’t hear me talking about it to other people on my best days. It is not exactly a conversation starter.

My condition is so bad that I actually pondered undergoing some sort of cosmetic procedure to get rid of it, or to at least greatly reduce it. (more…)

I Wanted to Get a Cheaper Insurance Rate

I was really growing unhappy with my car insurance policy. For the last two years, it has gone up in price. My car is getting older, and it is not worth as much, so it seems like it should have come down. I decided to finally do something about it though, and I went online to find a new Jacksonville auto insurance provider. I knew that I would be able to find a better rate elsewhere, because I had a friend who had a newer car than me, and she was paying less money on her insurance premiums than I was. (more…)

I Always Protect Myself from Danger

I am a woman, and I fly a lot because of business. I have no idea how it is for men who fly into strange cities a lot, but it is not fun for a woman. I go straight from the airport to the hotel I am staying at, but I still never feel completely safe. One of the things that has helped to improve this area of my life is the tactical pen TSA that I purchased not long ago. It looks like a regular pen, and it acts like a regular pen, but it is so much more than that. (more…)

Info on Geting into the Marijuana Industry

I have always been interested in commercial marijuana, dating back to years before it was actually legalized anywhere. With the spread of medical marijuana, and now, even recreational marijuana, I think it is only a matter of time until it is legalized at the federal level, which would be a great day for our nation. I want to learn about starting marijuana business in California and all of the information that one would need to know to start up such a business.

I am sure that there is a lot of regulatory information that is necessary to know in order to be successful in this business, and to not trip over any of the laws in place along the way. I would hate to get a business started, and then have it shut down due to a misunderstanding, or ignorance, in the relevant laws. (more…)

Spreading the Word on a Good Idea

My wife and I came up with the amazing idea of creating a business that sells karaoke machines. The idea came to us after we took a trip to Japan and went to one of their karaoke houses. It was such a fun experience that we wanted to make it possible for people to do it in their homes for a low price. We sell the karaoke machines through our website, and for a while, we weren’t getting many orders until we started using Atlanta SEO services to boost our search engine results.

The machines that we sell are packed with popular songs from many decades. The songs don’t only stop at the ones that are famous in our own country. (more…)

I Can’t Wait to Go Hunting

My latest set of gun accessories arrived in the mail a few days ago. I ordered some parts for my scope and stock to make the gun more comfortable and to make shooting easier. I’m going to go hunting when the weekend comes, but for now, all I can do is just think about it. Whenever I get the itch to go hunting, it completely takes over my mind and I have to scratch that itch any way I can. Sometimes I’ll go down to the gun range to do some target practice. If I can’t do that, I’ll stay at home and play a hunting video game.

The video game has a plastic hunting rifle that aims at a sensor on the television. (more…)

Paying Less for Shpping Weight

Whenever I go to the post office to mail a package, I always pay more than I intend to pay for shipping costs because of the weight of the package. I’ve tried using a home bathroom scale to get an idea of how much the package will weigh, but it doesn’t give me an accurate enough result, so I looked for a better solution. I found that NCI shipping scales are a better option for getting a number that will match the scale that they have at the post office. I have my own packing peanuts and bubble wrap at home, so I don’t need to rely on the post office for those.

I send a lot of packages out because I sell handmade items. These items are based on video game characters, and I make them out of wood, plastic, and sometimes clay. (more…)

My New House Has Smelly Carpeting

I had been looking for the perfect house for nearly six months when I finally found it. It had three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a gorgeous mountain view. In fact, there was only one thing that I did not like about my new home, and that was the carpeting. I did like the texture and color, but it was obvious that the family sold me the house had pets for a long time there. I did not want the added expense of buying new carpet, so I did a search for carpet rug cleaning.

I could have done it myself, but I knew that a professional cleaning would be much better. I have a machine that will do surface cleaning, but this was something that would need to be cleaned deep into the fibers. I don’t have anything against animals, as long as they are kept outside. For that reason, I don’t and never will have pets. (more…)

Working Part Time for My Aunt

I have just started my new part time job about a week and a half ago. My aunt knew I needed a job and she started to train me to work the reception desk at the huge hair salons that she owns. This is a really large place. The hair stylists number around forty or fifty in total, although there are usually only around three fifths that many in the place at one time. I answer the phones and sign in the clients. We sell stuff like the usual hair products and afro kinky human hair extension. Actually we sell all sorts of hair extensions and several types of wigs. That seems to be an experiment by my aunt. (more…)

With Our Home-Based Business, Reliant Energy is Saving Us Money

When we first built here we did not worry about who our electricity provider was. It was just my wife and I in our house. We were both kind of cold-natured, so we did not blast the AC in the summer. Then the first kid came along. Then the second. Then the room additions. Then the building where we run our home-based business. Now we are using a lot of electricity, so it just makes sense for us to be switching to Reliant Energy for the lower per kilowatt hour rate.

When we first built our house, the savings would have been just a little bit. Hardly worth the switch, so we did not bother. Now those few pennies of savings on the kilowatt hours we use adds up to a decent savings every month by switching to another electricity provider in Texas. (more…)

Saving Money with Google’s Nest

Saving money on my energy bill has always been a difficult feat. It has taken me years to fine tune a method of being able to finally put aside some money that would have otherwise gone straight into the multitude of energy bills that I have. Everything from pumping gas into my car to how much AC I use I’ve had to really watch in order to plot out the comings and goings of my life. With help from Reliant in Texas, I’ve been given great advice as to what kind of technology exists to help homeowners like myself.

The first recommendation was Google’s Nest. Nest is an amazing product which serves as a very simple ‘mind’ for the home. (more…)

I Was Tired of My Hair

I was tired of my hair. I know a lot of women probably say that at some point, but I was growing extremely frustrated with mine. I could not do a lot of different styles with it because my hair is so thin. I wanted to have some volume, but I did not want to get a wig. I know I will do that one day, but I am still too young right now. I went online to look at my options, and that is when I discovered 4c hair extensions on one website devoted to hair accessories for women like me.

I was really happy when I saw the pieces, because they are exactly what I needed to get the volume I wanted. I got even more excited when I read that they are made with natural hair. There is nothing synthetic about them, which is actually a big deal. (more…)