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Paying Less for Shpping Weight

Whenever I go to the post office to mail a package, I always pay more than I intend to pay for shipping costs because of the weight of the package. I’ve tried using a home bathroom scale to get an idea of how much the package will weigh, but it doesn’t give me an accurate enough result, so I looked for a better solution. I found that NCI shipping scales are a better option for getting a number that will match the scale that they have at the post office. I have my own packing peanuts and bubble wrap at home, so I don’t need to rely on the post office for those.

I send a lot of packages out because I sell handmade items. These items are based on video game characters, and I make them out of wood, plastic, and sometimes clay. The ones I make out of plastic get a little more detail put into them, because I can make it so the items have the ability to do different poses. I’ve come up with a way to make joints for the items using metal screws and ratchets, so it’s like making my own toys in a way. The wooden ones are more like statues, as are the ones made of clay. Most of the time when I use clay, it’s to make a bust.

The clay objects always turn out to be the heaviest, because all of that material is quite dense. There are some cases where the wood can get heavy, depending on the kind of wood that I am using to make the object. Most of the time the wood is a light wood, like balsa, but I’ve been known to use oak on occasion. I want to try dabbling a bit in metal work for my items.