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Saving Money with Google’s Nest

Saving money on my energy bill has always been a difficult feat. It has taken me years to fine tune a method of being able to finally put aside some money that would have otherwise gone straight into the multitude of energy bills that I have. Everything from pumping gas into my car to how much AC I use I’ve had to really watch in order to plot out the comings and goings of my life. With help from Reliant in Texas, I’ve been given great advice as to what kind of technology exists to help homeowners like myself.

The first recommendation was Google’s Nest. Nest is an amazing product which serves as a very simple ‘mind’ for the home. It monitors the patterns of your life; where you most frequent in the home, your day to day schedule and even detects whether you’re actually home or not. With this data, Nest is able to tap into every light bulb and appliance with a wireless or bluetooth signal and automatically control them based on your needs. Since Nest also serves as the home’s thermostat it is able to easily and quickly regulate the temperature of the home in the most efficient manner.

Using Nest has saved me more money than I ever dreamed possible. I didn’t realize just how much my simple human inattention to these things was actively costing me every month. Nest might not be cheap but in four months I’ve already made up for what I paid for the device. More expensive were the wireless lights and appliances but since Nest wouldn’t be worth a dime without them, I had to have them. All in all it’s well worth the money and the value can’t be understated for anyone ho wants to be able to take control over how much they spend on their energy bills.