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Spreading the Word on a Good Idea

My wife and I came up with the amazing idea of creating a business that sells karaoke machines. The idea came to us after we took a trip to Japan and went to one of their karaoke houses. It was such a fun experience that we wanted to make it possible for people to do it in their homes for a low price. We sell the karaoke machines through our website, and for a while, we weren’t getting many orders until we started using Atlanta SEO services to boost our search engine results.

The machines that we sell are packed with popular songs from many decades. The songs don’t only stop at the ones that are famous in our own country. We also have songs that are popular in foreign music markets. I created the hardware and software for the machines, and my wife designed the case that holds the hardware. I made it possible for people to add their own songs to the machine using a card slot. Each machine comes with special software for formatting the songs into the right file type that the machine reads. The lyrics are embedded into the song file and synced to the right points of the song, along with how long each word should be said.

Orders for the machine have gone through the roof in recent months because people are trying to get them as presents for their friends and family for Christmas. In fact, our machine comes up as the number one result whenever anyone searches for anything karaoke related. I bet a lot of people will open the machines on Christmas day and sit around singing songs with their loved ones. The machines can score singers based on how well they sound and if they match the words, so there’s sure to be a lot of competition between people.