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Started to Work on the Bathroom

We bought the house fully aware that it was going to need some work and my plan was to find a person I could trust to help me renovate the bathroom first. At any rate the other day the shower nozzle went bad on us and I decided that we may as well get started on it. I had already found this guy who has good references and I know one of the people that he has done work for, so I am pretty confident that he is going to be able to do what he says that he is going to do. The plan is not very ambitious to be honest, we just want to have a modern bathroom which is going to be functional. At the moment the bath is straight out of a bygone era. The house is very small and quite old. They say that it is about sixty years old, so the fact that the bath is out of date is not very surprising.

Of course we liked the house for a very obvious reason. We could afford it and that did not really require us to strain ourselves very much. We had saved up more money than we needed for the down payment and that left us money for this, although not quite enough for all of the things that we need to do. The kitchen is next after this. It would be great if we could find more room for both of them, but this is a small house and there is not any extra room. The only place it has room is in the second floor of the house and that is basically just a loft with the roof eaves limiting the available room to the center of the room. A child could not stand up on the edge of it.