Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

Started Working on a Big Project

Of course this is a big thing when you have a real job in an office, but in this case we are merely practicing. The class is going to be pretending that we have some big important meeting and so we all have to figure out how to use Powerpoint Pro to make a presentation. The class is going to be divided into groups, apparently the professor used some random means to choose them and I sort of got wildly fortunate in this regard. There are three people in each group and somehow I ended up with a girl is just knock out gorgeous and another girl who is both really smart and very nice to look out. The two of them both know this as well as I do and they have been teasing me pretty much, which I have been able to take pretty well. Now I need to make a good grade in this class, because it is my best shot at making a high mark right now. At any rate we have already put together the presentation and we have begun to practice.

It would be much better if only one of us had to stand up and make the presentation, because both of them are really good at this. We practiced in a room in the library where they tutor people, and we took videos of each other standing up and talking about this fictional company we are pretending to work at. Both of them really did it well, they seemed to be worried more about how they would look doing it. So they were talking about how to do their make up and what to wear so that they would make the best impression on the rest of the class. I was sort of nervous and did not do as well.