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The Perfect Home for Me

I knew what I wanted without knowing what I wanted. If you think that is confusing, you’re not the only one. I was confusing myself with exactly what I wanted when I started looking at Colorado luxury homes for sale not long ago. I discovered quite quickly that I needed help because I was driving myself crazy in trying to find something that was eluding me. I hired a realtor that came highly recommended, and she was able to get to the heart of the matter pretty fast.

She asked me quite a few questions, and I just answered them honestly and quickly. From those questions, she was able to figure out what kind of home I wanted and definitely what kind I did not want. I knew that I wanted a small piece of property, but nothing more than a half acre because I wanted to take care of it myself. Anything bigger than that, and I knew I would need to bring in lawn care services. I also just needed a two bedroom house because it is just me, but I wanted three bathrooms. I wanted one for guests, and one for each bedroom.

She was also able to figure out that I did not care about a formal dining room, but I absolutely wanted a finished basement. I also wanted a three car garage so I could have room for my motorcycle, my car and my truck. She was able to put together everything I wanted, and then she actually found several homes that had the right traits. I looked at four of them, and I knew on the last one that I had found my dream home. It actually has more than what I wanted, but it is still perfect for what I want. I could not have found this on my own.