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This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Kind of Wallpaper

We needed to redo our huge entryway at our offices. I figured that the walls could use some neat graphics that showed outdoor scenes with our products in use by consumers. I checked to see if there were wallpaper installers in Sydney that could install the new style of printed wallpaper graphics. You can pretty much decorate small or large walls with any sort if imagery that you want. It made our entryway more like a billboard for our products. However, the graphics on the wallpaper were so well done that it gave you that outdoor feeling, especially with some of our gear on display close to the walls. We had a cordoned off area that was made of faux stone with plants and small trees in front of the large walls we got covered in the wallpaper.

I remember growing up when there were times when my mother used to go through wallpaper sample books for our home. She would hang the wallpaper herself using paste made from plain old flour. It was called wheat paste, and it worked very well. That paper was hard to get off the walls when redecorating because the paste stuck so well. The new printed wallpaper is not that same old stuff my mom used to put on the walls. That stuff was really made of paper. She would soak the prepasted stuff in a trough of water and hang it up wet. She could smooth and cut that paper slick as a whistle and really fast too.

Our entryway at our business was done by professional wallpaper installers in Sydney. Those walls are 40 feet high and now covered in very cool printed graphics. It is the next level of wallpaper. I am surprised at how well it turned out. It looks great!