Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

We Are Almost Done Fixing Up the House

It has taken us a couple of years, but this place is just about where we want it to be. The house is about forty years old and it was quite rough to start off. I did some rewiring myself, but I had my uncle come behind me to make sure the house did not burn down. I have a friend who does tree trimming in Asheville NC and I worked out a deal with him. I had come across a canoe that I knew he would like to have, one of the older types that is actually made out of wood. It was really beautiful as it was, but he would never stand for it like that. I am sure that he took it straight home and started to get it ready for refinishing. He sent me a picture of it six weeks later and told me that this rich guy he knew wanted to have it for a decoration in his man cave. At any rate he was so keen to have that canoe that I bargained him into dropping two trees and trimming a bunch of others.

I am going to rent a two man augur and start digging fence post holes this weekend. I would rather put up an old style fence like you keep your horses in, but instead we are going to put up a privacy fence. I already have about twelve sections that I got for free, I simply passed by the place where they were being taken out and asked what they wanted for them. They do not look as good as you might like, but of course the fence is going to border some woods on the back property line and since no one is going to be there to care I will not care either.