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We Got an Adorable Puppy

We really like our new puppy, although he is certainly not bred for a dog show. We got him randomly from a person who was giving them away in the parking lot of a Wal Mart. It was lucky that we just happened to be there, he was setting up when we walked by and he had given away half of them in the time we were there. We had to find out can dogs eat bread within a few days. It was not that we meant to do it, but the cute little thing got in a whole loaf of bread and ate a good bit of it. How he got it is a mystery to me, but that is sort of scary when you have not thought about. It was a relief to know that it is not toxic to a dog, since we both knew that there is a lot of stuff that people can eat, but which dogs can not.

In fact we had been thinking about getting a dog for a long time and this one is pretty much what we were thinking about. It is not too big and it is a really fun loving thing with a great personality. He loves to be played with and is really adorable when he begs for attention. That is not something it has lacked so far, but obviously it will likely get less when it gets bigger I suppose. At any rate we already had a nice little fenced in back yard and now we are going to be thinking about how to safely use a doggy door. We have all sorts of raccoons and opossums in the area, none of which we would like to have as house guests and so we are not sure this is a great idea.