Honoring the Veterans of the Iraq War

Why Continue to Protest the Iraq War?

Every year on March 19, Washington D.C. turns into a place of protest as those in opposition of the Iraq War join hands, raise signs and speak words echoing their views on the war and desire to see all United States troops brought home. In past years, hundreds have been arrested during these protests and many more have waged similar protests in various locations across the country. The message of these protesters is simple, they feel we should not continue to play a part in this war and they want the fighting to be brought to an end. The Iraq War has always been controversial. While some believe the war is based on the United State’s stand against terrorism, others believe it is only motivated by the oil present in that country, and we would not be there if not for the financial stronghold that oil has on our world. Protestors will site the fact that we are spending billions of dollars on a war while the economy at home is suffering. This is the reason for protests, and it is likely the reason that individuals will continue to speak out against the war until all of our troops are home. While bringing our troops home has merits, some question what Iraq will be like once we leave their soil. Will political unrest resume? Is there the potential that this country will no longer be willing to supply the United States with oil, thereby hurting our economy and our citizens? While these possibilities do exist, many in protest of the war believe that these concerns only bring greater purpose in finding alternative fuel sources and increasing our dependence on green energy instead of continuing to rely on foreign oil until the supply is diminished. There will always be two sides to the views at the Iraq War, and there will continue to be protestors present every year on the anniversary of the beginning of this war until all troops are returned home. While some might disagree with these protests, it is good to know that we live in a country where they are allowed and that expressing ones views is something the United States will not censor.