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With Our Home-Based Business, Reliant Energy is Saving Us Money

When we first built here we did not worry about who our electricity provider was. It was just my wife and I in our house. We were both kind of cold-natured, so we did not blast the AC in the summer. Then the first kid came along. Then the second. Then the room additions. Then the building where we run our home-based business. Now we are using a lot of electricity, so it just makes sense for us to be switching to Reliant Energy for the lower per kilowatt hour rate.

When we first built our house, the savings would have been just a little bit. Hardly worth the switch, so we did not bother. Now those few pennies of savings on the kilowatt hours we use adds up to a decent savings every month by switching to another electricity provider in Texas. The building where we bake our brand of dog treats uses a lot of electricity. It is a commercial venture, and the savings is pretty nice each month. Every penny we save can be put back into the business in the form of better wages for us and our two other employees or any other business need.

Bigger companies could save even more money. Some places are really burning the kilowatts every day. Imagine what they would save by paying for electricity at a lower rate. We are paying four cents less than we were paying and that adds up to $400 in savings a month because the ovens use 20,000 kilowatt hours per month in electricity. That is a good chunk of change! Plus, our house is on with Reliant Energy too, so there is even more savings.

Say it is just $400 each month. Ours varies. Sometimes production is increased and we use more electricity. However, let’s just keep it at $400. That is a car payment for a lot of people. It can be a car repair too. It could be something the kids need. It could be $200 each to our two employees as a bonus. There is no reason to be wasting that money by paying more for something than what we have to.