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Working Part Time for My Aunt

I have just started my new part time job about a week and a half ago. My aunt knew I needed a job and she started to train me to work the reception desk at the huge hair salons that she owns. This is a really large place. The hair stylists number around forty or fifty in total, although there are usually only around three fifths that many in the place at one time. I answer the phones and sign in the clients. We sell stuff like the usual hair products and afro kinky human hair extension. Actually we sell all sorts of hair extensions and several types of wigs. That seems to be an experiment by my aunt. She is actually renting out the booths for the hair stylists and so she makes a certain sum of money off that, but she wants to make more. Since you have room for shelves and there is always going to be someone at the desk it makes sense. Of course you want to sell stuff that people can not find in the hundreds of other places that sell hair care products, I really like the job, although the money is not any better than most other jobs that I could get and I am not really making that much in total since I only have time for about twenty hours a week. Obviously the majority of the hair stylists are women and a large number of them are young and attractive. There are about half a dozen of them who like to flirt with me when they get bored. Some of them do it only to annoy my aunt, but I think that I have a good shot with a couple of them. Of course you can tell when it is all a big tease.